Event & Party Services

Your event is truly special to OLIVE BRANCH FLORIST . We want to create amazing flowers for your next event or party to make it stand out. Whether you're hosting a charity event or birthday party, our flowers will always look incredible and fresh. We can't wait to design flowers for your next event!

Bridal & Baby Showers »

Flowers are for more than weddings or gifts. Flowers make wonderful decor and centerpieces at a baby or bridal shower also. OLIVE BRANCH FLORIST will go above and beyond when creating beautiful arrangements that will set the tone of a delightful shower.

Adorable baby shower flowers or colorful wedding shower arrangements are a definite must. They set the tone of your shower and help to create a great setting. Whatever theme you are going for, we'll find the flowers that match it exactly. When…

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Holiday Parties »

When planning your next holiday party, don't just focus on party decorations and food. Flowers can make a powerful statement as well and OLIVE BRANCH FLORIST can't wait to start designing your next flower arrangements and centerpieces.

If you are having a simple holiday party, a few beautiful themed table arrangements will be great. However, if you are hosting a more elegant holiday party, choose from gorgeous table centerpieces and arrangements. No matter what the size or style of your event,…

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Galas »

Flowers tell your story. They capture the color scheme, theme and even feeling you're trying to convey. You need a florist who will go above and beyond to understand you and your party. OLIVE BRANCH FLORIST will deliver flowers with style, panache and impact.

We design your flowers with inspirational colors and unique designs to enhance your gala by creating stunning centerpieces and arrangements that will impress your guests. Our mission is to understand your vision completely so we can…

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